This is our most trusted business by our clients. More than 4000 MW of energy are currently being produced in three continents by Pipeserv-designed power plants. Our activities cover the areas of gas turbines, steam turbines, hydroelectric, cogeneration and biomass power plants.

Our activities have recently included services for the rapidly expanding energy trading sector of the Eastern Mediterranean basin and Gulf regions. An array of high- profile tank farms and oil terminals have been the best indicators of our successful cooperation with this sector.

The future of heavy industries follows a certain path: sustainable, greener and smarter. Our experience and services include the chemical industries, ore refining and food industries, with several successful projects to reference.

The need of infrastructure is now greater than ever. Modern societies require modern, green and smart infrastructure solutions. We bring a high degree of integrated design and industrial experience in this sector enabling our clients to offer high quality and modern services to end customers.

We provide a multitude of design, engineering and reality capture services to keep the world fleet moving around the most important ports of the world.