Established in 2010 by a core of experienced engineers in the field of plant architecture and infrastructure engineering, Pipeserv works to develop and deliver plants and industrial design solutions that are cost effective to make, work well, be easily maintained and well-documented.

Our clients benefit from our country’s geographical location and expertise in working with the East Mediterranean, African and Middle East cultures. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

We have created value to the world through proficient implementation of international standards by our expert employees.

Several social and technological advances have created a uniquely challenging ecosystem in the energy sector. By constantly innovating, we are on top form to provide cost-effective, flexible, modern solutions to better serve the world.


Within our corporate culture, quality is not only a technical process but an established practice and value. By focusing on three major points, we are committed to provide a “right solution from day one”

  • Listening, learning and seeking out the most innovative solutions from science and technology through implementation to deliver them to our society.
  • The buildings blocks of our success: positive, cooperative and long-term relationships with our clients. This relationship structure is based on three pillars: trust, respect and collaboration. 
  • Keeping people and infrastructure safe from harm, with established safety and health practices and solutions.